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If there is one thing us stoners love, it’s food. At The Reef, we know that cannabis makes good things better and at the top of that list is chowing down on well-made grub. On Capitol Hill, we have the privilege of being surrounded by tons of awesome local eateries. It’s been a tough couple months for independent restaurants but we are finally starting to see the return of some of our favorites. One such establishment is the staff-favorite Li'l Woody’s. And for our money, there is little better than smoking a preroll or two before grabbing yourself some top-notch burgers from this Seattle staple.

First and foremost, Li'l Woody’s is a burger joint. And they do burgers pretty damn well. Apart from their classic style Lil' Woody and Big Woody, they offer a number of specialty burgers and a full range of other sandwiches (including a veggie burger). Some of our favorite specialty burgers are “The Fig and the Pig” and the “Pendleton”. The Fig and The Pig is topped with bacon, housemade pickled figs, and smothered in blue cheese. The result is a savory and tart explosion that doesn’t overwhelm the quality of the grass-fed beef. The Pendleton on the other hand is the pinnacle of BBQ burger perfection where onion rings and Tillamook cheddar adorn that same 1/3rd pound beef patty. If none of the specialty burgers catch your eye, they allow you to customize your burger with 10 different types of cheeses and toppings that range from hatch chiles all the way to peanut butter.

And if peanut butter doesn’t satisfy your munchie craving, wait 'til you hear about the sides. Li'l Woody’s fries are some of the best on the Hill and although you may feel compelled to stick with ketchup, definitely spring for the fry sauce (there is a reason it is called fry sauce after all). But, if you are inclined to the influence of cannabis, we cannot recommend highly enough the perfect stoner combo of Lil Woody’s onion rings with their house queso. Their onion rings are next to flawless with the ideal ratio of onion to batter. And the queso is about the best you can find outside a Mexican restaurant. Of course, you’ll need something to wash all this down and get rid of your cottonmouth. Lil Woody’s has a wide variety of glass bottled sodas, root beer floats, and milkshakes made with Full Tilt ice cream.

It’s been a bit quiet lately around the neighborhood and we are really happy to see some of our neighbors having the opportunity to get back to serving the community. There are few greater pleasures for a stoner than having food prepared for you while you get high. So, if you’re already out grabbing your essentials at The Reef, order ahead from Lil Woodys and it will be ready for take out by the time your joint is flicked out.

Words: TJ Gagnier

Photos: Jesse Codling



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