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The Reef x Heylo Volume Present: Perry Porter

If you love Heylo products as much as we do, then you need to stop by our Georgetown location today from 4-7pm! Heylo is saying goodbye to their limited Volume 3 cartridges and making way to welcome in Volume 4. We're celebrating Volume's success by putting all Heylo products on sale - 30% off everything for just today! But just what is Volume?

According to Heylo, "VOLUME is a line of cannabis concentrates with only ever one product at a time. That's right - we won't ever release more than one VOLUME at a time. This means we pour our entire attention into making each VOLUME an incredible experience - so much so that it creates a community."

This means each limited Volume run will feature one farm, one strain, and one unique package design. The most recent run, Volume 3, was a sativa hybrid with rare Hawaiian genetics cultivated by Gold Leaf Gardens, and the packaging was designed by local musician/artist/activist Perry Porter.

As we say goodbye to Volume 3, Perry himself will be in the building to help us celebrate the success of this run! Perry, who was an integral part of the success of Volume 3, is also one of the musicians on our Rain City Relief album, and Heylo just happens to be one of our Rain City Relief sponsors. This entire event is the perfect example of cannabis, collaboration, and community coming together in the most beautiful way. Check out some of Perry's music below, and make sure you stop by our Georgetown shop at 303 S. Michigan St. to take advantage of this incredible Heylo sale!



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