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Top 5 Strains for Combatting Anxiety

smoking weed outside

The beautiful thing about cannabis is it has different uses for different people. Some people smoke recreationally, some people smoke for creativity, and some people smoke for medicinal purposes. One of the more common ailments that people try to alleviate with cannabis is anxiety. While we aren’t doctors, and this is in no way medical advice, we do have our fair share of anecdotal experiences with using cannabis for anxiety relief. Here are our top five strains for combatting anxiety.

1. Creme Brulee

Platinum Kush x OG Kush x Girl Scout Cookies (GSC)

creme brûlée strain

Creme Brulee is a strain as sweet as its name suggests. With double kush genetics crossed with GSC, we consider this indica leaning hybrid to be a mood-uplifting strain that transitions into a mild couch. We find that the front end of the high generally has a giggly euphoria that is great for combatting those anxious moments, and it mellows out into what I like to call a “video game high” - stoned enough to get lost in the game, but coherent enough to actually play it. You can find the strain Creme Brûlée at our Capitol Hill location.

2. Afghani Hash Plant

Afghani x Hash Plant

Afghani hashplant is arguably one of the heaviest hitting strains on this list, so if you’re newer to cannabis, or a bit of a lightweight, tread with caution. One wrong move and you may find yourself taking an 8 hour nap in the middle of the afternoon. Afghani Hash Plant is usually associated with a heavy body high. We like to smoke it after particularly stressful days as it tends to bring on a calming sensation in both the body and the mind. We recommend smoking this strain in the evening and riding the high into a calm night’s sleep. You can find Afghani Hash Plant at our Capitol Hill location.

3. Remedy

Cannatonic x Afghan Skunk

remedy strain

This next strain is for all my folks who want the potential medicinal benefits of cannabis but don’t necessarily want to get high. Remedy is a high CBD, low THC percentage strain that can calm the anxiety with hardly any psychoactive effects. In our experience, Remedy brings with it a soothing wave of calmness, and makes our muscles feel sort of like jelly. People have also been known to smoke Remedy at night to help calm their minds before going to sleep, but whether or not this strain promotes sleep is really up to your own physiology. There are just as many people who smoke Remedy in the daytime to alleviate their stress. Either way, it gets a spot in our top anti-anxiety strains. Find Remedy in out Capitol Hill location, or click here to preorder.

4. Wedding Cake

Cherry Pie x GSC or Triangle Kush x Animal Mints

As is often the case with cannabis, the exact genetics of Wedding Cake are a little murky. It’s widely believed to be Cherry Pie crossed with GSC, but according to SeedJunky genetics, the cross is actually Triangle Kush x Animal mints. Either way, the Cookies genetics are definitely prevalent, and offer this indica-hybrid a more euphoric high rather than a sleepy one. Wedding Cake is an extremely popular and easy to find strain, especially in Washington. Get wedding cake at either our Bremerton or Capitol Hill locations.

5. 9lb Hammer

Gooberry x Hells OG x Jack the Ripper

9lb hammer strain

9lb hammer is an indica-dominant (heavy emphasis on the indica) hybrid with a sweet, earthy aroma and a heavy body high that’s another perfect nightcap strain. The high tends to last a significant length of time, which we find makes this perfect for combating chronic anxiety. However, the most prevalent terpene is myrcene, which is known for its sedative properties, so you may have a hard time keeping your eyes open should you decide to smoke nine pound hammer during the day. That being said, if you can handle the high, then we would definitely recommend 9lb hammer for fighting anxiety. You can find Nine Pound Hammer at both our Bremerton and Capitol Hill locations.



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