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  • Mitch Pfeifer

Cry Baby OG Strain by Cookies: Spicy And Citrusy Flavors With Body-Melting Highs

It's totally ok to cry when you run out of this bud—we understand the hype. The Cry Baby OG strain by Cookies might just be the thing you need to help you fall asleep, chill out, or reduce pain. After consumption, this strain might make you feel like taking a nap. Smoking some in the afternoon might lead to eating, sleeping, and chilling.

Continue reading to learn more about this strain's potency, taste, smell, appearance, and effects.

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Cry Baby OG Strain Taste and Potency

This mostly indica hybrid may hit hard, containing 18-26.54% THC-A and 23.87% total cannabinoids. Although upon opening the container you may not notice a strong smell in the bud, it's perfect for discreet storage. If you sniff into the bag, you may smell notes that resemble scents of earth, lemon, and pine. Additionally, when smoked you may taste notes of a sweet, peppery, and sour/spicy flavor.

Appearance and Effects

The strain produces light amber-haired minty green nugs sprinkled with tiny amber crystal trichomes.

Initially, this strain may feel like a creeper that hits slowly and effectively, but then you may slowly start to feel hazy and euphoric, along with a full-body feel that is relaxing and calming. Additionally, this beautiful strain is popular among cancer patients because of its potential ability to help reduce pain, make sleeping easier, increase appetite, and provide feelings of comfort.


Reviewers love this strain, saying it is a great smoke and giving it a 4.7 on

Cry baby OG is the PERFECT choice when you need to wind down after a busy day at work or for those who suffer from insomnia, anxiety, chronic pain, and loss of apetite. The taste is somewhat spicy followed by an intense citrus flavor & a clove-like smell.
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If you'd like to try the Cookies Cry Baby strain or other cannabis products, you can find it at The Reef. We have several friendly Budtenders eager to assist you with any suggestions, questions, or information you may need when coming into our dispensary. Check out this review from to see if this strain lives up to the hype.


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