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  • Mitch Pfeifer

The Designer Runtz Strain By Lifted: A Limited Luxury Line Release Available In Washington

Lifted Cannabis Co. has developed a following for cultivating some of the highest quality cannabis in the state. In addition to supplying our dispensaries with crowd pleasers like Alcoholic Alligator, Ice Cream Cake, and Boysenberry Creme Brulee, Lifted consistently drops exclusive limited releases to The Reef for our customers to enjoy. Today, we are excited to feature the latest strain from the Lifted Luxury Line - Designer Runtz.

Our team consistently recommends Lifted for their meticulously grown flower and exotic in-house genetics that stand out as some of the best in the industry. Operating out of Tacoma, Washington, Lifted focuses on cultivating top tier flower and concentrates for local consumers. Designer Runtz is the latest strain to come out of their state-of-the-art facility and let us be the first to tell you… this strain does not disappoint.

Designer Runtz From Lifted’s Luxury Line

If you enjoy Runtz crosses, this designer strain is for you. Designer Runtz is a luxurious pheno that stands out for its frosty nugs, rich flavor, and potent effects. This tantalizing strain is a cross between Runtz (Zkittlez x Gelato) and Luxurotti (Biscotti x Strawberries ‘n’ Cream). With impressive parents like that, it’s no surprise that Designer Runtz has gained so much momentum since its small batch release last month.

As an indica-leaning hybrid, Designer Runtz, offers consumers a smooth experience that may be perfect for combating symptoms of anxiety, insomnia, and stress. The thick haze created by these trichome heavy buds may linger - coating your mouth and the room with a spicy/sweet scent. The nose of this strain may sneak up on you, offering a blend of fruity undertones that are unmistakably Runtz with subtle hints of pepper and gas from the Luxurotti.

Strain Appearance & Effects

This strain is the epitome of luxury. When you open a jar of Designer Runtz you are met with the frosty appearance of perfectly cured nugs. Every Beautiful bud is covered in orange hairs, with hints of purple visible throughout. As you break up the buds a mouthwatering fruity/earthy flavor wafts through the air. With the smell of the strain gradually becoming more potent and pungent as it’s broken down and consumed. Once inhaled, Designer Runtz offers a super creamy profile with hints of sweet earthiness of the exhale.

Although it’s considered an indica-dominant hybrid, many consumers report that Designer Runts make them feel talkative and focused. Making it a great choice if you need some extra lubrication for social situations. After the initial wave of cerebrally focused effects, the Designer Runtz strain may creep into the body to create a potentially tranquil and content sense of well-being. Because of its potent and surprisingly well-balanced effects, Designer Runtz may be an excellent option for people who are looking to treat muscle spasms, chronic pain, inflammation, chronic fatigue, and headaches or migraines.

Find The Lifted Luxury Line At The Reef

This extremely limited release from Lifted’s Luxury Line is flying fast. Grab Designer Runtz while you can! Find this strain and other popular phenos from Lifted at our dispensary locations across the state (Capitol Hill, Bremerton, and Georgetown).

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