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  • Mitch Pfeifer

Product Feature: Dragon Balm Deep Tissue CBD Salve By Ceres Gardens

The Dragon Balm Deep Tissue Relief CBD Salve by Ceres Gardens is an extremely popular topical known for its ability to alleviate stubborn aches and pains. In addition to having the potential to relieve physical pain, the American Academy of Dermatology says that cannabis topicals, like salve, may be helpful in lowering inflammation that can add to skin conditions like acne, eczema, and psoriasis.

Interestingly, topicals made from cannabis have been used for centuries. And with so much scientific evidence to support the beneficial effects, it’s no surprise that cannabis topicals are gaining traction with health-conscious consumers in the modern cannabis market. Whether you’re looking for relief, wanting to expand your self-care routine, or simply wanting to explore different methods of cannabis consumption, this CBD salve may have you covered.

Try Dragon Balm Deep Tissue CBD Salve By Ceres Garden

This eye-catching topical brand stands out on dispensary shelves; the stunning red box features a gold leaf dragon, and a colorful pie chart details the terpene concentrations in each Dragon Balm product. Ceres Dragon Balm Deep Tissue Salve offers customers a powerful triple-cannabinoid blend that adds layered benefits and effects that can generally be felt for three or more hours. From its aroma to the activation time and effects, the Dragon Balm Deep Tissue Salve does not disappoint.

The Dragon Balm Deep Tissue CBD Salve is meticulously formulated with natural ingredients. Ceres combines cooling menthol, numbing camphor, and soothing clove with their pure (and potent) CO2 extracted cannabis oil. The brand takes their production one step further by using nanoemulsions, or an emulsion of nano-sized particles, that are specifically designed to improve the delivery of the salve's active ingredients - leading to deep and lasting relief.

How To Use CBD Salve

Before you apply the Dragon Balm Deep Tissue Salve, it is recommended that you clean the area to allow for more efficient absorption. Next, take a small amount of the product and gently massage it into the designated area. Allow the salve to absorb into the skin and wait 15-20 minutes before applying more. Most people can use generous amounts of cannabis salve without experiencing adverse effects, however it is important to read the instructions and to test out a small amount of product before increasing your dosage.

Find Ceres Topicals At The Reef

Cannabis infused topicals, like the Dragon Balm by Ceres Garden, have increased in popularity in the recreational market over the past years. These products are often used for a variety of purposes and may help alleviate muscle soreness, joint inflammation, nerve pain and skin conditions. Customers are impressed overall with the Dragon Balm Deep Tissue CBD Salve from Ceres. Reviewers praise the product for its pain-relieving properties, with one noting that “this topical is an affordable way to help with chronic pain in my neck, shoulders, and knees without having to rely solely on pain meds and/or edibles.”

To try the Deep Tissue CBD Salve, or other products from the Ceres Dragon Balm line, you can place an order for pickup, or stop into any of our dispensary locations (Capitol Hill, Bremerton, and Georgetown) to chat with a budtender for personalized recommendations.


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