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  • Mitch Pfeifer

The Dutchberry Strain By Artizen: Classic Genetics With A PNW Flare

The Dutchberry strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid (60/40) cultivated by Artizen Cannabis in Lacey, Washington. Bred by combining the classic Dutch Treat and DJ Short Blueberry strains, Dutchberry is exploding with citrus and berry flavors that taste as good as they smell. This strain has the possibility of producing a happy, giggly high that may be perfect for tackling creative endeavors and/or blissfully unwinding after a long day. Dutchberry is extremely popular with veteran and novice consumers in the Washington cannabis community. The only thing better than this strain’s crowd-pleasing aroma and flavor, is its potential to influence a social and chatty vibe that can act as the perfect buffer in social situations.

Dutchberry Strain Overview

Dutchberry (sometimes referred to as Dutch Berry) was developed by Artizen by crossing the Dutch Treat strain, originally from Amsterdam, and elite cuts of DJ Short’s signature Blueberry strain that originated in the Pacific Northwest (PNW). The expert growers at Artizen pride themselves on practicing natural cultivation techniques with a mindful, zen-like approach. Their indoor facility in Lacey, WA features 30ft ceilings, a state-of-the-art filtration system, and some of the industry’s top grow-light technology.

The high-class genetics, combined with Artizen’s mindful approach to cultivation, sets the Dutchberry strain apart from other sativa-dominant hybrids on the market. Dutchberry produces all of the smell and flavor you’d expect from a Blueberry cross, while also having the potential to demonstrate similar therapeutic benefits as Dutch Treat. The cannabinoid profile of this strain is as unique and powerful as its smell. Dutchberry consistently tests between 20-27% THC and was selectively bred to produce up to 8% CBD.

Dutchberry Appearance & Aroma

This popular pheno produces chunky, medium-sized buds that are dense and spade-like in structure. The sticky, mossy green nugs are painted with a light dusting of hairy clementine-colored pistils and glistening white trichomes. This beautiful flower looks irresistible in its packaging. The sweet and rich aroma of berries that pops off this carefully cured cultivar is accented by notes of citrus and a touch of an earthy/herbal musk. The Dutchberry flower crunches as you break into it - making this strain easy to de-stem and/or grind.

The dominant terpenes of Dutchberry are myrcene, pinene, and caryophyllene. The high levels of myrcene, also found in lemongrass and thyme, influence this strains' earthy and herbal aromas and flavors and is also responsible for its potentially calming effects. In addition to adding unique levels of freshness to the aromatic profile of this flavorful pheno, pinene has the potential to provide a plethora of medicinal benefits that may include:

  • acting as an anti-inflammatory

  • promoting pain relief and relaxation

  • aiding in memory and respiratory function

  • influencing creative inspiration and happiness

  • reducing the spread of bacteria and viruses

Lastly, caryophyllene adds another interesting layer to Dutchberry’s unique terpene profile. Caryophyllene is the only terpene that is known to be like a cannabinoid: meaning it can interact with our endocannabinoid system to possibly assist in providing anti-inflammatory effects. This potentially stress-relieving terpene is present in many hybrids, and may also be responsible for teaming up with myrcene to produce the musky undertones of this delectably funky strain.

Dutchberry Strain Experience

This flower begs to be smoked. The tantalizing terps of this strain offer smokers a fruity flavor that stays strong as it burns. As the smooth Dutchberry smoke is inhaled, a deep skunky muskiness is overpowered by tart and tasty overtones.

The high from the Dutchberry strain is known to hit quickly, and may possibly leave you cerebrally uplifted but initially spacey. These initial effects might be followed by a slight headrush that may quickly dissipate to leave you creatively open and focused. Due to this, novice smokers, and those with a lower tolerance, should consume Dutchberry slowly in order to avoid negative and potentially disorienting effects.

This pleasantly potent sativa- dominant hybrid has the potential to leave you feeling like you’ve consumed copious amounts of caffeine. Dutchberry may leave you feeling buzzy and active, allowing you to complete daily chores and mundane tasks with a quick and pleasant spin. While it's possible, it's highly unlikely for Dutchberry to leave you feeling tired and/or couch-locked. In fact, it's best to avoid this strain before bedtime - unless you’re maybe looking to pull an all-nighter.

Medical patients may find Dutchberry beneficial for functional support throughout the day and might help with mood stabilization, while also potentially relieving chronic aches and pains. While these effects are still being studied, the potential to influence sustained concentration in this strain may also aid those with attention deficit disorders (ADD/ADHD) in focusing on the task at hand. Those with anxiety should consume with caution, as the cerebral stimulation that accompanies this strain may have the potential to increase paranoia.

Find Dutchberry Near You

Functional stoners have been known to turn to Dutchberry for its unique and cerebral effects. As a result, we work hard to keep it on hand at all of our Reef dispensary locations. Dutchberry can be purchased in flower, pre-roll, concentrate, and cartridge form. To try this strain for yourself, stop by one of our dispensaries, in Cap Hill, Georgetown, and Bremerton, or pre-order from our online menu here. We also offer a full range of Artizen products as well as a wide selection of quality cannabis, at affordable prices,


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