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  • Mitch Pfeifer

Envy Apple Strain by Tranquil Forest: A Balanced Hybrid With Potentially Potent Effects

The experienced team of cultivators at Tranquil Forest have a strong reputation of producing some of the most popular, and premium, cannabis strains in Washington. Almost all of Tranquil Forest’s fire phenos are bred in-house, including their latest release - Envy Apple. The Envy Apple strain by Tranquil Forest is a hybrid cross that offers smokers a full-bodied flavor accompanied with potentially potent effects. This unique cultivar is absolutely delicious and allows consumers to indulge in an experience that is anything but average.

Envy Apple Genetics & Flavor

If you enjoy the finer things in life, the Envy Apple strain by Tranquil Forest is for you. Tranquil Forest is committed to quality, and prides itself on carefully crafting top-shelf cannabis strains that are soil grown, cold cured, and hand trimmed. This heavy hitting hybrid tests around 22% THC and is a cross of the popular Runtz and Apple Fritter strains.

Reviewers have described the aromatic profile of this strain as sweet and earthy, with a light doughy taste that is reminiscent of an apple pastry. Dominant terpenes such as Limonene, Caryophyllene, Myrcene, and Pinene influence the pungent aromas and robust flavors of the Envy Apple strain.

When you pop the top on this jar, the smell of the Envy Apple strain seems subdued - offering slight hints of sweet and earthy tones. However, after grinding up the flower, the smell becomes more noticeable. Don’t be surprised if the fruity skunkiness of this Envy Apple strain makes your mouth water.

Strain Appearance & Effects

Strains from Tranquil Forest always stand out on our dispensary shelves. Dense nugs are coated in crystals and sprinkled with tangerine-colored trichomes and a plethora of purple and green hues throughout. Envy Apple is a true hybrid strain that may offer consumers a powerful and potentially relaxing experience.

Novice users should start slowly with this strain as it is known for exhibiting powerful effects that can leave users feeling floaty and carefree. In smaller quantities, the Envy Apple strain may offer consumers a burst of creative energy that may mellow into an even-keeled euphoria. However, in large quantities, this strain has the potential to knock even the most seasoned smokers off their feet.

Find Tranquil Forest At The Reef

Since 2017, Tranquil Forest has set itself apart from other producers in Washington by offering popular West Coast genetics with an artisanal spin. The master grower pulls from over 20 years of experience to produce boutique batches of top-shelf flower that is always worth the hype.

We consistently prioritize Tranquil Forest drops at all of our dispensary locations (Capitol Hill, Bremerton, and Georgetown) and try to stay stocked in fan favorites like Mac Miller, Drama Queen, Lemonato, Scotti Piffin, Gelly Burger, Kush Mints, Envy Apple and more!


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