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Ice Cream Cake Strain: Sweet Creamy Flavors That May Send You To Sleep

Ice Cream Cake is a flavorful dessert strain that our customers love. By crossing Wedding Cake and Gelato #33 you end up with this potent and rich strain that may produce decadent and relaxing effects.

Continue reading to learn more about this strain’s genetics, terpenes, and more.

Ice Cream Cake Strain

If you like nugs that look like a mosaic of greens and purples and are topped with a thick layer of trichomes, Ice Cream Cake might be your next pick-up. Although this strain may not smell exactly like the real thing, there is a creamy aroma to the cannabis. Furthermore, for growers, this strain flowers in 8 to 9 weeks.

Photo by Thin Air Nursery

Ice Cream Cake Strain Effects & Terpenes

Ice Cream Cake is a potent indica-dominant strain that may put you to bed or kick in cravings for a real ice cream cake. You can definitely break this strain out for occasions outside of your birthday because sparking this up is always a celebration. Found at around 24% THC, Ice Cream Cake is enjoyed by intermediate to advanced smokers alike.

Furthermore, this strain may be good for relaxation and pain relief. Meaning, that it may make you feel spacey and easily entertained. Ice Cream Cake has a high amount of Caryophyllene, which may give the strain its potential anti-inflammatory effects. Other terpenes in this strain include Limonene and Linalool.

Lineage & Genetics

The ingredients that make Ice Cream Cake so delicious are the combination of parent strains: Wedding Cake and Gelato #33. Both may add their sweet influence and calming effects.

Graphic by Leafly

Ice Cream Cake Strain User Reviews

Ice Cream Cake really smacks you in the face. The high is immediately there and in your face. The effects are extremely sedative as the motivation to move from my chair quickly vanished. My brain became spacey and easily distracted. Overall, my experience with this strain was excellent.
Ice Cream Cake Consumer

Most consumers agree that this strain may hit you like a potent sedative. Smoking this strain may be best for catching up on sleep or watching Netflix.

If you’d like to try this strain lookout for it on our dispensary menu! We carry this Ice Cream Cake in flower, pre-roll, and concentrate form from brands like Western Cultured, Torus, Constellation, Blunt Royale, and more.

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