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Raunchy Runtz Strain: Rare Indica Flower With A Highly Potent Smoke

Grown under the GĀBRIEL label is the Exotic Genetix cannabis strain Raunchy Runtz. It is an indica dominant strain most likely made from the crossing of Cream D' Mint and Runtz strains. Smoking Raunchy Runtz may offer a pleasurable end-of-day smoke for experienced stoners.

Continue reading to learn more about this highly potent strain’s genetics, terpenes, and more.

Raunchy Runtz Strain by GĀBRIEL

When grown, Raunchy Runtz flowers in about 60 days and produces a heavy yield. Although an offspring of Runtz, the strain’s bud is not as purple as its parent strain. The strain‘s colors include purple to lime green hues drenched in frosty resin.

Upon touching the nug you may notice a dense or airy quality, as many growers have produced slightly different variations of the strain. When smoked, it may produce a dry toke, white ash, and creamy smoke that resembles the taste of your favorite sugary candy. Furthermore, the scent of the nug may resemble fruity, piney, and spicy notes.

Photo via Seed Finder

Raunchy Runtz Strain Effects & Terpenes

Consuming this rare strain may provide a euphoric high, perfect for a weekend or night sesh. However, it is a very potent strain sitting at around 28-30% THC, which is highly recommended for advanced smokers.

Lineage & Genetics

The Raunchy Runtz parent strain, Cream D' Mint, is made from Cookies and Cream crossed with the Mint Chocolate Chip strain, while the other Runtz parent is made from Zkittlez and Gelato strains. The Raunchy Runtz flower is hard to find online, as many people grab it off shelves so fast, but check The Reef for your Raunchy Runtz needs.

Raunchy Runtz Strain User Reviews

Raunchy Runtz will send you into a euphoric giggle fit peppered with creative spurts. Effects are immediate and eventually leave you in a relaxed Indica body-stone. The dry toke is spicy and sweet and when lit evokes skunky, peppery, and citrus flavors. The potency for this strain is almost a 10/10.”
Hush Cannabis

Consumers who want a high that may feel like a potent sedative pick this strain over the rest. Smoking this strain may be best if you are trying to pass out after a long day of being locked on the couch playing video games. If you’d like to try this strain lookout for it on our dispensary menu!

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1 Comment

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Scott West
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