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  • Mitch Pfeifer

Seattle Berry Strain By Juicy Joints: Infused And Affordable

Updated: May 31, 2022

If you are looking for a joint that has the potential to leave you floating high as a kite, look no further. Juicy Joints are back on the scene and perfect for high-tolerance connoisseurs on a budget. These infused pre-rolls pack quite a punch and come in a variety of flavors and strains. One of our favorites is their Seattle Berry strain. Seattle Berry Juicy Joints are hand-rolled with high-quality flower, dipped in clear (oil,) and rolled in kief. These truly are some of the most potent, tastiest, infused pre-rolls available.

The Seattle Berry pre-rolls from Juicy Joints come in four variations, including Juicy Joint Supers and high CBD options. Juicy Joint Supers are a premium line of infused pre-rolls from Juicy Joints. The Supers are infused with crumble (concentrate), 90% THC distillate oil, and kief. If you’ve experienced the power of the original Juicy Joints, and are looking for an experience that may shoot you to the moon, Juicy Joint Supers are for you.


These infused pre-rolls from Juicy Joints are supremely smooth. Generally, infused joints clog and run - adding unnecessary levels of difficulty to what should be a stoney and relaxing experience. The design of these joints influences an even and consistent burn, and the kief helps to smooth the smoke by reducing the potential for a hash burn from the oil and/or crumble.

These joints are extremely popular. The packaging promises 100% full flower, setting this brand apart from other affordable options that are packed with shake and trim. These .8g joints are sold in a pop-top tube that is decorated with Seattle's iconic Space Needle. The Seattle Berry Juicy Joints consistently test close to 33% THC, have a fresh and healthy coloring once unpackaged, and possess a nice berry flavor. Loyal customers of the brand say these burn clean, last long, and taste amazing!


Juicy Joints has painstakingly tested hundreds of combinations to ensure they are able to produce joints with quality flower, premium flavor, and consistent potency. We are stoked to have Juicy Joints back in stock at our dispensaries across the state. The .8g Seattle Berry pre-roll from Juicy Joints are available in the following potencies and price points:

  • Seattle Berry: The original Seattle Berry Juicy Joint is currently $5 and tests between 34-39% THC with up to 1% CBD.

  • Seattle Berry Super: This premium Seattle Berry Juicy Joint is currently $9 and tests between 35-42% THC with up to 1% CBD.

  • Seattle Berry 1:2: If you are new to infused pre-rolls or have a background of paranoia and anxiety with higher THC products, this Seattle Berry Juice Joint might be a good choice. This variation offers around 14% CBD to take the edge off the potential effects influenced by the THC (28%.) These are also friendly on your wallet, currently only costing $7 before tax.

  • CBD Seattle Berry: This Juicy Joint offers close to a 1:1 (CBD:THC) cannabinoid ratio with a notable 12-19% CBD and around 19-24% THC. These joints can be picked up for around $7 and are a great option for anyone looking for a potentially more balanced experience. While these are marked CBD, it is important to note that they still may have slightly intoxicating effects.

At The Reef, we know that everyone is looking for something different out of their experience. This is why we offer a range of products for everybody to enjoy. Try one of the Seattle Berry Juicy Joints from this list, or check out our online menu here to see our full selection of products. Wanna chat? Visit us in-store and talk with our knowledgeable budtenders to get your questions answered or for personalized product recommendations.


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