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  • Mitch Pfeifer

Western Cultured: Terpene-Rich Strains To "Light Up The Moment"

“Our promise is to continuously learn, grow and share our experience with our communities, establishing Western Cultured as a shining symbol of excellence within the Cannabis industry by delivering the finest consciously-crafted cannabis products, operating with responsibility, and dispelling antiquated notions surrounding cannabis culture.”

– Western Cultured

Western Cultured: "Light Up The Moment"

The growing cannabis industry offers a uniquely rich playground for cannabis connoisseurs and cultivators but, with so many products and brands available, it’s hard for novice consumers to know who to trust. The Western Cultured brand produces impressively good weed by cultivating craft cannabis products that convey some of the most unique flavor profiles on the market. The growers at Western Cultured have perfected their practices to accentuate the terpene profiles of their strains. In this ever-evolving industry and consistently chaotic world, it's good to know we can count on Western Culture products any time we need to “light up the moment”.

The Western Cultured brand is deeply rooted in the Pacific Northwest lifestyle, and has been labeled by local cannabis aficionados as some of the “Best Weed in Washington”. Customers at The Reef can find a variety of Western Cultured products from high-quality flower, to conveniently rolled pre-rolls - and if you’re lucky, you may be able to even cop one of their extra terpy extract collabs.

Western Cultured Terpene Rich Strains

Western Cultured makes it easy to find the perfect strain for any mood. Every Western Cultured product is clearly labeled with the distinctive terpene composition of the strain. They categorize their genetic library into four basic (and well-known) cannabis flavor profiles: sour, sweet, spicy, and earthy. Each flavor profile has a corresponding color, and phenotypes are flagged and organized into the category that fits their aromas and flavors best. These categories were put in place to act as reference/educational tools to give customers deeper insight into the Western Culture product line and how it can benefit them personally.

The quality of their weed is strengthened by the way Western Cultured empowers consumers through education. In an effort to make the shopping experience as seamless as possible, Western Cultured has also created its proprietary Terp Wheel.

This infographic is color-coded and displays which terpenes correspond with the categories in the Western Cultured strain library. The Western Cultured Terp Wheel has been simplified to include the most common potential effects reported by consumers: energy, sleep, stress relief, calm (relaxing), focus (creative), uplifted (refreshing), and happy (euphoric.)

In addition to matching the terpenes with their potential physiological effects, this wheel is labeled with the terpene boiling and flashpoints (for extracts.) Western Cultured recently added these temperature ranges after listening to feedback from concentrate consumers who were looking to get the most out of their experience with their extracts.

Western Cultured Products

The premium flower from Western Cultured is cultivated from carefully curated genetics and is naturally grown and handled by their expert team of growers. Finally, the flower is skillfully cured to perfection. Flower from Western Cultured is available in all standard sizes from grams to ounces.

Once you try these tantalizing terps you’ll want to invite your friends over for a smoke sesh. These joints are made with 100% flower and are sprinkled with kief before being hand-rolled to perfection for an even burn. The joints from Western Cultured are rolled in natural papers and are available in packs of 2, 7, and 14. Each pre-roll contains a 1/2 gram of their quality flower.

Western Cultured even partners with popular processors to create some of the loudest extracts in Washington State.

Find Western Cultured At The Reef

Finding this fire flower can sometimes be a challenge because Western Cultured only produces a limited supply. Luckily, The Reef works with Western Cultured to stay stocked with a wide selection of their products at all of our dispensary locations: Georgetown, Capitol Hill, and Bremerton.



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