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Gary Payton Strain by Cookies at The Reef Dispensary

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Named after the NBA Hall of Famer, the Gary Payton strain is a highly potent hybrid created by a collaboration between Cookies and Powerzzzup Genetics. The two brands crossed Snowman with The Y to breed this colorful strain. The hybrid is highly coveted in the industry because of its flavorful palette and potentially powerful effects.


Gary Payton’s parent strains give it unique qualities that contribute to its immense popularity.

The Y is a potentially energizing, Sativa-leaning hybrid that might lend its electric effects. The strain carries a sweet floral and citrus aroma with a fruity flavor to match. The strain might produce mentally stimulating effects that can potentially create a long-lasting sense of calm throughout the whole body.

Snowman, Gary Payton’s other parent strain, might also give off a variety of classic Sativa effects. Snowman might be ideal for sparking creativity. It has a gassy, kush-like aroma with lime green nugs.


Like its parent, the Gary Payton strain has a distinct gassy aroma. Users will be able to detect what Cookies describes as a “burnt rubber smell” right after opening the container. The nugs are dense and chunky. The bud is filled with all kinds of green and purple hues that are accented by a silvery layer of crystal trichomes. Bursts of orange can be seen in the strain's pistils.

The strain contains Caryophyllene; a terpene responsible for its diesel-like aroma. The presence of this terpene not only elevates the flavor of the strain but might also give it medicinal properties. Caryophyllene is known to have a strong ability to interact with CB2 receptors which are responsible for the potential non-psychoactive benefits of THC. Some popular strains that contain Caryophyllene include Girl Scout Cookies, Bubba Kush, Chemdog, and Sour Diesel.

Images via Cookies

Gary Payton Experience

Gary Payton might offer a strong experience due to its high potency. The strain contains about 21% THC and may leave users with a potentially stimulating cerebral high that eases stress. Gary Payton's overall experience might be extremely pleasant due to the smooth nature of its flavor. While inhaling the strain, the smoke from the strain is creamy and gassy; offering a super smooth exhale.

When it comes to recreational uses, Gary Payton might complement a wide array of activities. This strain might be perfect for staying active throughout the day while still calming your nerves.

The strain might also have numerous medicinal uses. The strain may be helpful in aiding to treat issues such as chronic stress, anxiety, and depression.

Gary Payton is a favorite at the Reef. To try it for yourself, stop by the shop or check out our online menu.

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