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  • Mitch Pfeifer

Heylo Cannabis: Award-Winning Extracts & Topicals To Support A Better Life

Since the company was founded in 2017, Heylo has won multiple awards - including being named the #1 Hottest Brand in Washington by Pioneer Intelligence and MJ Brand Insights in September 2021. This 100% women-owned brand specializes in creating unique high-terpene, whole-bud, full-spectrum cannabis extracts. The processors at Heylo focus on crafting extracts, for use in topicals and concentrates, that are rich in minor cannabinoids and infused with rare terpenes. Heylo’s founder, Laurel Frisen, pulls from her past as a chemist and extraction technologist in an effort to develop potent and pure cannabis extracts that empower users through education and transparency.

Heylo products are designed to help people use cannabis to get more out of life. They do this by curating each chemovar (strain) to match distinctive life experiences. This focus on intentional consumption has helped Heylo gain popularity in Washington. Heylo is also known for elevating the cannabis community as a whole by collaborating with premier craft producers across the state. Backed by a background in medicine, the innovators at Heylo have elevated the extract game by only using premium quality flowers in an effort to preserve the plant’s native terpenes and rare cannabinoid profiles.

Heylo Products Stand Out

As we mentioned, Heylo was created with the mission of delivering quality cannabis extracts that empowered customers through education and transparency. This innovation and attention to detail has led to the creation of award-winning high-quality cannabis products including Heylo’s pure cannabis RawX vape cartridges and their Heylotion topicals. To support their goals of transparency and education, Heylo makes an effort to open their lab to visitors as much as possible. In addition to site tours, all of Heylo’s analytical results are published to their website.

Premium Concentrates

Heylo aims to enhance everyday experiences with pesticide-free products that are uniquely extracted using the team's proprietary Rawx methods. They offer a wide range of rotating extract options in the form of 510 thread vape cartridges, PAX Pods, and Rawx Jam. Heylo completely curates the consumer’s experience by putting their Cannastamp on each package and supplying a specific Spotify playlist that has been carefully designed to enhance your vibe.

High-Quality Topicals

In addition to smokables, Heylo created a line of Heylotion topicals that are unlike any others on the market. It’s no secret that Heylo is passionate about sustainability, but they take their practices to another level by striving to create a ZERO WASTE lab. Their topical line is the result of these efforts. After the initial extraction, all of the fats, waxes, and lipids from the flower (that would typically get thrown away) is made into an effective topical location or lubricant.

Find Heylo At The Reef

Heylo is known for releasing limited runs of their collaboration concentrates, and products do not stay in stock for long! If you want to try Heylo extracts, you can skip the line and order ahead, or you can stop into any of our dispensary locations (Capitol Hill, Bremerton, and Georgetown) to chat with a budtender for personalized recommendations.


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